Ok, none of us is an english native speaker. So, it would be a pleasure if you can help us to translate our pages and articles, or just to correct our english. Some articles are already translated, you can find all the links below.

For now, we can’t translate everything ourselves, but we will at least give the title of each article and an abstract in English (at the end, in a specific paragraph entitled  » abstract in English « ). If you are interested by an entire text, if there is a need in your community to have such a tool, we would try WITH YOU to make an entire translation of it.

It is important for us to develop an international network. Contact us :

Available translated articles and pages :

Why Philomele?

Get out of influence, the mourning of sentiments

Abstracts in English :

The taboo of rape, we have to eliminate it or we die (reference to a french antifascist slogan)


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